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CalTab on Mission — a Snapshot!

Mission First Involves the Proclamation of the Good News

  1. All mission activity is to be gospel centric. This means that we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as salvation by and through the atoning death of Christ. This is the crowning purpose for which Christ died. We do mission with the intention of leading people to faith in Christ.
  2. As a Kingdom Resource, we bring the Kingdom of God to Earth. This requires us to do acts of mercy and compassion for the widow, the orphan, the fatherless and the alien (the exploited and disempowered).
  3. The gospel of redemption through the blood of Christ and acts of compassion are not mutually exclusive, meaning, they belong together. Redeeming grace and Christian love are to be delivered as one seamless missional movement – in alignment with our vision, values and strategies as a local mission active church.

Mission and Partnerships

  • We primarily partner with churches with whom we have a sound relationship. This essentially starts with and certainly involves leadership to leadership connection.
  • As regards compassion and mercy, in the absence of a church partner, we engage with established and reputable ministries that we are confident will deliver the outcomes we believe God wants from the resources He entrusts to us at this church.


We fund / resource leaders or initiatives that aim at church planting or expansion. Support is not open ended but is subject to annual evaluation.

  • Malawi. In central and northern Malawi, we partner with Vision Ledd (Jim Cantelon). In southern Malawi and Mozambique we invest in ministry leader development including an adult literacy project.
  • Bangladesh. We send teams to Home of Hope orphanage to work with the children and the house parents.
  • Bulgaria. We support a full time couple, Gayton and Amanda Liter, who work with orphans and Roma (Gypsey) communities. We support the church planting ministry of The Bible League (Peicho Muhtarov).
  • South Africa. We feed 5 child headed homes in Masoyi, working with Liberty Church (DJ McPhail). We also partner with the Worship Centre Church (Yamunga Munga) in Durban, resourcing their leadership development as well as church growth and evangelism initiatives.


  • We will launch the Light the City Network in October 2014. This network will provide a citywide platform for a host of local, reputable ministries and churches to share a common kingdom commitment to impact the city for Christ.
  • On our own campus, mission will generally be expressed through our Journey Ministries (youth and children), small groups and large events. Our goal? Every member mobilized for mission, across the street, the city, the world.