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Why is the Word Essential?

If you were asked to take 3 minutes and describe the Bible to the neighbor sitting next to you I wonder what you would say? On the surface it seems like a simple and straightforward question. However, when pressed to actually give them an explanation beyond “well, it is God’s Word” can be challenging!

When it comes to God’s Word we find ourselves faced with many questions: Why is the Bible important? Who wrote the Bible? Can we trust the Bible? Is it full of opinions, myths, and nice stories or is it something more?

The general perception of the Bible today can take many forms. For some it is seen as a totally irrelevant and archaic book which is full made up stories. To others it is offensive and full of contradictions. Some see it as a book with some basic stories worthwhile or akin to other historic and or holy books. Many do not see it as having authority in their life so it is certainly not a guide for life nor does it have any special purpose. We can read the latest magazine to glean wise words for life. Even more alarming then the disregard of the Bible can be those who seem to use the Bible for their own purposes. The kind of people who take parts of the truth weave them together and turn it into their own. Those who on the surface seem to know the Bible but have decided that there is a need for something more.

It is into these challenges that the Apostle Paul writes his letters to his friend and colleague Timothy. We see in 2 Timothy that there are people who have “swerved from the truth”, who “have an appearance of godliness, but deny its power”, and who put themselves in the place that only God can occupy (2 Timothy 2-3). But Paul’s message to Timothy is a charge to stay true to the scriptures he had been taught! We too must be a people who do not “swerve” from the truth but continue in the Word.

The Word is essential because it comes from God and is all about God’s son Jesus. As you take the time to read through 2 Timothy on your own notice all the implications to your Christian walk when we see His Word as ESSENTIAL!