Membership 2

Introducing Membership at CalTab

Fellowship and Voting Members

To say that one is a member of a particular church can mean different things to people. For some it is an identity that they inherited from their parents at infant baptism. By the way, infant baptism is not something we believe in or practice. This inherited membership, or identity (“I’m an Anglican”), is generally true of those in more traditional churches. But many Pentecostals have the same characteristics, for example, “I’m AG.” To others, membership has a much looser meaning; mostly as the place one attends church, regularly or not.

In the New Testament, it is quite clear that disciples lived out their faith in close proximity to one another. Only by being close to one another in real time relationships could the new nature of Christ in them grow into a maturity that would be evident to those around. Being actively engaged together with other disciples in a local church was normal church life! The advent of denominations changed that in a big way.

Here at CalTab we have two expressions (types or phases) of membership; Fellowship members and Voting members. Both have the same spiritual requirements.

Some (but not all) of these requirements are listed here – all membership journeys begins here!

  • A clear testimony of being born again.
  • Adult Water Baptism – sometimes called “believer’s baptism”.
  • A commitment to the vision and values of this church.
  • Practice consistent, proportional giving (tithes, offerings, missions pledges) that is true to scripture.
  • Exercise gifts and talents in the service of this church as a volunteer.

The difference between Voting and Fellowship members is that Voting members are required to participate in the few formal business meetings we do have from time to time. In addition, certain positions such as elders, trustees and other key roles need to be filled by Voting members.

To become a Voting member, apart from meeting the requirements for Fellowship membership, anyone applying for Voting membership needs to have a clear record of giving that reasonably evidences a culture of tithing. It is illogical to have voting members who do not contribute financially or contribute so little that it is self evident that their financial discipleship is quite immature. Members who vote on a budget do need to demonstrate a financial commitment to the church that in reasonably biblical.

At the discretion of the elders, people need to have been in fellowship for a year before applying for Voting membership. During this time they should demonstrate good Christian witness in all aspects of their life. This would include serving in the congregation as a volunteer in some recognized and accountable capacity.

What if you are visiting, exploring, or just checking us out? Hey, that is fantastic. Visit all you want, come back often. We pray that God will meet with you and do a great work in your life right here among us. Our desire is that you will connect with God here. We see it is as part of our mission to do what we can to make that connection life transforming.

Noel Sanderson

Lead Elder