Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they be secure who love you! Psalm 122:6

The Word of God, the gospel, the saviour messiah, the Lord of Life – Jesus, all have a city in common. Jerusalem is not simply a dot on a map, a site to visit on some kind of ritual pilgrimage. While Jerusalem is today a city like most others in the world, it remains the city of God 1 Kings 11:36. It is still the geographical site where God commanded Abraham to offer up Isaac, the city where God’s temples stood 1 Chronicles 6:31-32, 2 Chronicles 3:1, where the glory of God resided, the city where satan took Jesus to the pinnacle and tried to goad Him into throwing Himself off of it. It is the city where Jesus offered Himself up for the sins of you and me. It is the city to which He shall one day return. It is still the city from which the Word of the Lord flows to the nations. It is the one city named in the Bible for which believers are commanded to pray! It is the city that God constantly has referenced in the scriptures as the center of His purposes – Isaiah 62:1, Psalm 125:2.

It was in Jerusalem that the gospel was preached for the first time following the death of Jesus – Acts 2:14. Every believer in Christ, no matter were they are in the world today are beneficiaries of all that God has done in Jerusalem.

I write this as we join with Christians all over the world as prayers are offered up to God for Jerusalem on the first Sunday of October. We are not praying for stones and street lamps, but for the eternal prophetic purposes of God to prevail. We pray that those forces and strongholds that seek to destroy, disrupt and overcome what God has determined to be broken and come to nothing. We pray that the government of the United States will be God’s servant as regards Jerusalem and beyond that, to Israel as a whole. Lord keep your covenant city and your covenant people so that they will one day see you and cry “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Noel Sanderson
Lead Elder