Approved Magn Glass

Approved of God

One thing I know, we are APPROVED of God in our journey here at CalTab. With ever increasing UNITY among us, with improving clarity about what the vision entails, we are on a road to great things in God. Our new preaching theme “Letters from God” is well underway and I certainly pray that God will use each Sunday to transform lives as He forgives, restores and gives hope to every person who calls out to Him. Next week is Fathers Day and the ministry will remind us of the great Father of Life who is in Heaven but is fully engaged with us on earth! Besides that, we look forward to giving away a LazyBoy recliner!

We are doing really well in so many areas, such as visitor follow up, pastoral care and follow through. The pastoral team is improving on connecting with those who complete our Connect Cards, those we know about who are ill or in need of pastoral contact. If you have a pastoral need you can bring this to the attention of your Small Group (SG) leader or via this webpage (Look under Ministries – Helping You.)

Small Groups of various kinds are meeting and we are seeing the number grow. We still have a way to go before we can say we have a well-developed SG setup, but Small Groups are a reality. If you would like to connect with a SG or start one, follow the links on this webpage for Small Groups. Note that there are more Small Groups than listed on the page.

We are also experiencing great blessing in kids and youth ministries and our engagement with local schools continues to be blessed.

Our finances are steady and yet there remains the discipleship challenge of growing our faith and giving culture so that everyone who calls CalTab home is tithing and giving offerings with happy and generous pockets! Too many are simply not being obedient to God as regards financial stewardship.

We have several GoMissions teams that have gone out this year already and there are one or two others that will be moving out in the next two months!

The CBL (constitution and bylaws) team is about ready to submit their draft to the Elders. Once approved, the Elders will turn their attention fully to the question of leadership in 2014. In the meantime the Elders are quite aware of the need to hear from God in this matter and have not been idle in seeking God.

So we have seen 5 good months of steady leadership, ministry, stability, mission and blessing! Thank you all for your partnership in LOVE, GROW, SERVE and GO. May we continue to grow in unity!

Here are a few specific prayer topics.

  • We need a new Youth Director.
  • Real growth in financial stewardship and GoMissions giving.
  • Continued fruit in our UNITY as a body to the Glory Of God.


Noel Sanderson