From the desk of Mark Zweigenthal…


To our family at Calvary Tabernacle,

My hope and prayer for the youth ministry has always been that we would always keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and focused on the ministry which God has given us the grace for, according to the power of His Spirit.  This ministry is not built around one person, nor one leader, it’s build on Christ Jesus our Lord.  He is the cornerstone and we are privileged enough to play a role in raising up young men and women in His ways.  I have known many of you, and have had the privilege of serving your families, for over 4 years now.  I have been totally amazed at how God has worked in our midst.  He has truly done miracles in the lives of so many youth!

Myself & Jess have loved every moment of serving in this ministry and hope and pray that, by His grace, we can continue to be used in the lives of the youth in our church.  We still feel very much called to this local body and more specifically to the CalTab youth.  However, personally we have felt a change stirring in our hearts.  I’ve felt, for about the last year, like the Lord has placed a new desire in me to move out of a full time, church-compensated ministry position, and into the business world.  After feeling this, we have sought the Lord and trusted Him to open the right opportunity to do this, an opportunity that would allow me to remain involved in this youth ministry here at the church I love, CalTab.  A few months ago this opportunity presented itself to us.

After much prayer, consideration, and guidance we have decided that I should resign from my full-time position as Youth Director at Calvary Tabernacle Church, from the end of August 2013.  I have accepted a full-time position at Jahnel Group (a software development agency), beginning September 2013.  I have been ‘learning the trade’ for the past few months, and am very excited at the opportunity of working in this industry.   We feel that this is the direction that God is leading our family, and believe that He has provided a great opportunity for us to remain an active part of this church family.

I understand that this decision may come as a surprise to some of you.  We pray that it would not cause you to lose focus on what God has called your family to do in, and through, our church body.  To be very clear: Myself and Jess are not leaving Calvary Tabernacle.  We still feel very committed to God’s purposes here through our church and our desire is to stay as involved in this ministry as possible.  I still have a passion and call to minister to youth and hope that my gifts and abilities can continue to benefit the youth ministry, and the rest of our congregation.  However, I submit this desire to our church leadership.

My commitment to you is this: I will not step down as leader of this ministry until God’s BEST person(s) is in place to lead us forward.  I, together with our church leadership, are working intently on a transition plan to find the right person to take this ministry forward.  We plan on making full use of our Assembly of God network – as well as other networks – to aid this search.  It may well be that God calls someone in our church family, but it could also be someone from another city or state.  Our desire is to stay open and as transparent as possible throughout this process.  The one thing that I am especially excited about is that we have the opportunity to add someone to our youth ministry team who is passionate about young people and can bring a whole new unique set of gifts/talents to our church.  We hope that by mid-summer God would have shown us who will lead our youth ministry into the new school year.  I’d ask that you pray intentionally into this transition and that you stay in the Spirit, with your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.

Calvary Tabernacle has blessed us so much over the past 4 years.  We are deeply grateful to you all for your encouragement, support, and friendship.  I have LOVED being your youth leader, and hope that our partnership and friendship can continue in this new season.

This transition was announced to the church family on Sunday May 12th, 2013.  If you have any further questions please contact me at or at 518.370.1010.

A job description and application, for prospective applicants, is available upon request.

In Christ,

Mark & Jessie Zweigenthal