BreakOut 2013

BreakOut 2013

WOW!  What a weekend!  24 middle schoolers & 5 adult leaders from CalTab, amidst a crowd of about 500 other students from all over the region – the ringing of my ears from screaming middle school girls, the smell of axe deodorant & stinky feet from the boys, and only 9 hours of sleep during the weekend still haunts me!! BUT… God. Eish…HE WAS MOVING!

For many of our students this was the first time they got a glimpse of the fact that there really are other Christians out there who are not from their church or Christian school… a great, and profound, encouragement for many.

Our students were simply fantastic.  They gave their best and made the most of this amazing opportunity to connect with each other, other students from other churches and with God.

Jennifer Dake, the conference speaker, told many hilarious stories to bring the Gospel to light and help students develop an even deeper understanding of who God is and His great love for them.  We spent some quality time processing the messages in our small groups, helping our students understand how the messages applied to them!  On the Saturday night over a hundred students came forward to make commitments to the Lord.  From Calvary I am aware of  1 student who made a first-time commitment to Jesus and others who renewed their commitment to God!  AWESOME!!!  After this, one of our boys initiated a time of prayer, and got all the boys and adult men from our group together to pray over one another.  A really powerful time.  Similarly, I heard the girls spent a time praying over one another in their rooms.  Powerful stuff (as Pastor Al would say:)!

For us, as leaders, this was a seed-sowing weekend where many seeds of the Gospel were sown into the lives of our students.  I have no doubt that this weekend will prove to be a catalytic event in the lives of our middle schoolers.  Whether it be through the great worship sessions, the messages, the comedy duo, or the late night runs for a Stewarts ice-cream, Jesus was building His Church stronger!!  Let me assure you, CalTab, we have a strong group of students coming through this ministry who are readying themselves to be used of God in their schools and communities.

Here are some of the things our students wrote down after the weekend:

“My name is written on the palm of his HUGE palm”
“I want to remember that God is in control!”
“He has a plan for me”
“That when we’re ready God will carry our dead dogs” (inside joke! lol)
“God sacrificed his life so we could live in heaven”
“We can change the world.”
“God thinks we’re worth it.”

There are BIG things ahead for Fuel:d!  Watch out for some of our students who will be baptized on the Easter weekend! :)

For more information about CalTab’s middle school ministry please contact me at or 518.370.1010 ex. 36.

In Christ, Mark