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The Church: We are a people of God on mission together!

In today’s society Christianity is at the margins of culture. While it is true that many Christian virtues are loosely followed or promoted the shift has happened where the world around us has little or no interest in the gospel message, let alone coming to a church service.

For us who are part of the church I wonder if we understand the power and purpose of the church. In the business of life we may simply pass by the importance of the church. We think to ourselves, “I go to church”, and in that ritual lies the extent of our understanding- in fact we are happy with ending it there. However, when we understand that the church is not only about gathering together for worship and encouragement but also for mission, then we can begin to change our perspective on the church. In this series on the church I want us to see the church as God’s agent for mission, not God’s agent for entertainment. I want us to see what the bible says about church and its purposes.

The Church is the place where individuals are transformed and empowered to join God’s corporate family and participate in God’s mission to reconcile all things to Himself. Individual salvation and transformation leads to a corporate identity, which is then used by God to redeem, restore, and reconcile all things through Jesus.

When every other institution falls and fails under the weight of sins like corruption, greed, and pride, and when they become irrelevant, bureaucratic, outsourced, immoral, the church only will remain. When the gates of hell prevail against every man made organization, the church will still remain because the church, God’s people, are eternal.

By church I do not mean the buildings or programs or ministries. Even the church will suffer the same sins as these other institutions. What will remain is a people. God ordained blood-bought redeemed believers.

Don’t see us only gathering, see us sending to the outermost parts of the world. See yourself as part of the body that makes up the church and when connected with others creates a “new man” measuring to the full stature of Christ himself (Ephesians 4:13). This “new man” is a light to the world and holds out the light of the gospel through preaching and through loving wherever it goes. We are a people of God on mission together!