Uganda 2012

I would like to thank Calvary Tabernacle for giving me the opportunity to travel to Uganda and be a part of what God is doing there. Judy and I both consider ourselves to be blessed with the responsibility of heading up Uganda for GO Missions.

Our 2012 trip consisted with Calvary Tabernacles existing partners and developing future strategies for Uganda.

Christ Community Church Mutungo (CCCM)

Christ Community Church Mutungo banner CCCM was one of our first contacts in Uganda. Jolie Nyeko had visited our church and established an NGO called Action for Children. CCCM is located in southern Uganda, in the Kampala region.

We attended a home fellowship our first evening in Uganda. We truly enjoyed the evening fellowship, which consisted of worship, bible study and prayer and light snacks, lasting 3 hours. We enjoy fellowshipping with CCCM and are encouraged with the direction they are going as a church, their values align with Calvary Tabernacles. They have a heart for their own community and we would like to strengthen our relationship with them

Child Voice International (CVI)

CVI was started in April of 2006 and CalTab was their first church partner. CVI provides a voice for children silenced by war. Their facility offers care for women and child mothers who were directly and indirectly affected by the war, helping them work through their trauma, learn job skills and provide for their children.

This has been a year of transition for CVI. They had to leave their previous location (lease expired) and move. The new facility is currently under construction. What I find interesting is that where this would initially appear as a huge complication (there is much that has happened here) it seems that God is using it for good. The new facility is beautiful and a new building is being erected across the street for Lukodi Community Church. The women CVI works with are presently home in their communities where CVI staff make regular visits to keep in contact with them.

ChildVoice International is an incredible organization with a Godly vision, you can learn more about them at

CVI is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) that survives on donations and fundraising. Please see their website for more details on how you can be a part of their work in Uganda.

New Song of Grace Uganda

Chris Bwami photo This is the organization headed by Chris Bwami, the missionary CalTab financially supports in northern Uganda. Chris was actually raised in southern Uganda, where he received a call from God to go minister in the north. Chris has a degree from seminary school and we met him, through divine appointment in 2007. The primary purpose of NSOGU is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ by reaching in love and fellowship to influence lives towards Godliness.

NSOGU works within the Paicho community in northern Uganda. They are presently supporting 205 children, providing school fees and meals. A model farm has been established within the Paicho community which is helping the organization to be self-sustainable and is used to help educate the community on how to farm. Chris is always looking forward and the ministry continues to grow.

Chris is our transport while in Uganda and we were able to have many conversations. He is a valuable resource for me, constantly educating me on Uganda culture and the people. He also graciously opened his home to us and we were allowed to stay there while in northern Uganda. Chris has, over the years, become our main contact in Uganda.

Read more at the New Song of Grace website.

Harmony Fellowship (Pastor Grant McLeod)

Harmony Fellowship is very active within their community on lower Albany Street. We met Pastor Grantley McLeod at a wedding of a mutual acquaintance. Through our conversation we learned his church was considering an African missions trip and he asked us if we had ever participated in one. We were excited to tell him about what Calvary is doing in Uganda and quickly introduced him to Chris Bwami, who happened to be landing in the states as we spoke.

Grantley came with us this trip on behave of Harmony Fellowship as an introduction to global missions. We look forward to see where God leads Calvary Tabernacles relationship with Harmony in the future.

If you are interested in Uganda and the work Calvary does there, feel free to contact us.

Joe and Judy Alescio –