The Authority of Christ

Jesus and The Centurion

Matthew 8:1-13

Read this passage of Scripture and ask yourself these questions:
1. What is common between the way the leper and centurion ask for Jesus’ help?
2. What is Jesus’ response to both?
3. What was the result of both? And, why did it happen?

There is something very profound is the way both men approach Jesus. Both begin by saying, “Lord..” They recognize Jesus’ identity and authority.

In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches us how to pray and he says we should begin by saying, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” Again, Jesus is saying that before we even begin we need to acknowledge the authority of God.

Now, we may say Jesus has authority is our lives, but has that taken root in our hearts?  Is this the solid rock we have built our lives on (Matt 7:24-27) or is this something we’ve heard and not put into practice?

When we acknowledge and respect the authority Jesus has (over our sickness) we give God permission to move in our life.

In both cases (and in every case recorded in the NT when someone comes to Jesus for healing) Jesus says, “Yes!” Jesus truly came to make all things new, to give us a picture of the Kingdom of Heaven. He declared in is opening message in Matthew 4:17, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is AT HAND.” It’s right here. We need to recognize it and RESPOND.

The last thing I wish to draw out this story is he centurions response to Jesus when he says, “For I too am a man under authority.” The centurion recognized that Jesus was under authority. He was under the authority of His Father, our Father. Jesus was not doing his own thing. In John 17 it’s clear that Jesus did only that which God gave him to do. Jesus had clear instructions, with His #1 instruction being to die and become the sacrifice to atone our sins.
Who’s authority are you under? Is your life under the ILLUSION of God’s authority or are you really LIVING as one under the authority of the King?

But it doesn’t end there…Jesus gives US authority. He tells us to live under the authority of God. Our message is not our own, it’s from God. When you’re under authority and people hate you, they don’t hate you, they hate your boss. Therefore, walk boldly knowing that you are under the authority that is above all others.

What an awesome invitation!

Now, lets live it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Not in our own strength (which is weak) but in His strength.