I Never KNEW You…

This is just something I wrote in my devotions this morning… May God use it to bring you closer to a more intimate love-affair with Him.

Matthew 7:21-29

Not everyone who recognizes God’s presence, knows about God, or lives a godly life (even doing mighty things) will enter Heaven.

Jesus is clear this is not enough. In fact, He calls them workers of lawlessness. And, He sends them away from Himself into the darkness, into hell.

Jesus, in His sermon on the mount continues to just raise the bar. He takes the law and says that if you do all the law, and even teach the law, this is still not enough. He is saying that righteousness (right standing with God) and acceptance into God’sLife Kingdom can never be found apart from an intimate relationship with Him.

The word “knew” is used frequently in the bible to describe intercourse, sometimes sexual intercourse. Obviously, this is not possible with God but its clear through this metaphor that our relationship with Jesus can, and needs to be, one that is characterized by more than a couple of texts or Facebook shout-outs. We need to have mental, emotional, and spiritual “intercourse” with God. This is what he desires.

At this point in His ministry this was not possible. He had not yet become the necessary sacrifice to justify us before God, that God’s righteousness is imputed on us, so that we can be engaged in an intimate love affair-of-the-heart with Christ.

Now, our Sin has been washed away by faith in Christ’s work on the cross. We can come boldly to the throne of grave to receive the mercy we need and the relationship that we need, and God desires.

From this loving relationship, faith-motivated-works will flow – even mighty works. All of these for His Glory. One of the greatest miracles being sinner repenting and receiving salvation.

What’s interesting is that Jesus says that good works, even miraculous works can happen, without an intimate relationship with Him. But that, in the end, this doesn’t count for eternity. God may still use those works to draw others unto Himself, and to bring glory to Himself, but that the ‘performer’ is not guaranteed salvation because of these works.

This is something Lord, that I need to be weary about. I need not be concerned with my spiritual performance, as if it can bring my salvation, but with my relationship with you – keeping it my main priority. Through this I have my being and moving, and through it I have eternal salvation.

I should also remember that this journey is a narrow road, as previously mentioned in Matthew 7:12, so I should not assume this to be an easy journey. I need to remain intentional about my walk.

Lord, thank you that you give me the strength, and righteousness, I need to pursue a relationship with you. Everything I need is found, complete, in You. I will one day come into glory, your glory, through my relationship with You. Thank you that I can live in this freedom…