Lengthen and Strengthen (Isaiah 54:2-3)

Thank you for visiting this page! In keeping with God’s call for our Church, the Calvary Tabernacle Elders have shared the change in Pastor Lorenzo Agnes’ role from serving as our Lead Elder to primarily focusing his attention on building the Global arm of Calvary Tabernacle’s vision. We believe the Lord has clearly spoken and desire to make available additional information which will inform you with a Biblical perspective and provide greater details of our journey.

Please take some time to view all the material below and check back with us as we will be adding more content. Thank you.

  1. Called by God! (added 9/18/2012)
  2. God’s Call for Calvary Tabernacle
  3. Video and Paper on the Elder Led Church
  4. Video and Paper on the Lead Elder (video added 9/22/2012)