God’s Call for Calvary Tabernacle

Pastor Lorenzo shares on Calvary Tabernacle’s responsibility to carry the Good News to the whole world, beginning in Schenectady.

Lengthen and Strengthen

Moving into Calvary Tabernacle’s Future in God

Pastor Lorenzo Agnes

What has God placed on your heart for your future?

In keeping with our God given vision of being a Kingdom resource Center, our Lord has called me to now give my full attention to developing Calvary Tabernacle’s Global call for Him.

I will do this in several ways:

  1. Continue to discover and develop Kingdom “Diamonds”. These are uniquely gifted leaders – typically younger – who are Christ centered, Bible based, Kingdom minded individuals wanting to bring countless souls into His Kingdom.
  2. Connect the Diamonds together to form what I call a Global Kingdom Living Space for this New Generation. Essentially, I would be the hub through which these individuals will connect as I introduce them to one other and help them work together to reach the lost for Him.
  3. Continue to grow and develop the Global Family as a Global Resource Redeeming Destinies. The Global Family will play a major role in helping, resourcing and developing the existing Diamonds.
How has this been confirmed in your life?

I have already been doing all of the above for a number of years. There are several Diamonds in various parts of the world now serving God’s purpose for their lives who He used me to discover and enable. Some examples are Nathan, Dylan and Mark in Schenectady, Venci in Bulgaria, Rami in Finland and Premnath in India. Also, we have Global Family partners – individuals and churches – on almost every continent who are already connected and working together.

How does this affect your current role?

Because this task is so large, it requires all of my focus and attention to properly accomplish so I will need to step aside as Lead Minister but will still be an Associate Minister and an Elder at CalTab. It isn’t possible to effectively lead CalTab and properly serve our global call at the same time. I will take on this new role beginning in January 2013.

Who will lead the church into the future?

As we all know, in keeping with New Testament teaching and practice, for a number of years now we have been working hard to become an Elder Led church and by God’s grace have accomplished that goal. So in a very real way the church is led by our Elder Team. However, every team needs a leader, and after much prayer and careful discussion, the Elder Team have chosen to appoint Dylan Hall as our Lead Elder. He is surrounded and assisted by an excellent Elder Team and Staff so the church is in very good hands. Dylan will assume his new responsibilities beginning January 2013.

How do you feel about Dylan’s appointment as Lead Elder?

I am thrilled about it! I am confident he is God’s choice for this position. I dearly love and respect Dylan and have no doubt he is capable of fulfilling this role. He has a deep love for God and for CalTab and he clearly carries our vision deep in his heart. Dylan is a godly man with multiple God given skills and has already proven himself in various ways as he has been trained and developed by us over the past few years. Also, Dylan is part of a very good team of Elders who also all understand the importance of this transition and all that God is requiring of us.

What was your role in this appointment?

In a very real sense I initiated Dylan’s appointment. After submitting to the Elders what I believed God is calling me to do for Him now, everybody on our ministry team was impacted in some profound way in the sense that what happened with my destiny affected theirs. I have been intentional to clearly state that I believe Dylan should fill this role as I firmly believe this to be true and what our Lord has ordained for him and for CalTab. However, it is important to note that all of the Elders were involved in his appointment in some way as the Lord had given them words of confirmation and contributions which encouraged and helped me to be certain about my and CalTab’s future.

What will change for us as a church?

Not much because our Vision is well established and strong and our Core Values are settled. Our services and ministries will continue as they are and the Lord has been preparing us for years so there is not much we will do differently. What will your relationship with Calvary Tabernacle be? I will still be a part of our preaching team regularly sharing the Word on Sunday as well as leading some Wednesday night study groups.

I will be an Associate Minister and member of the Elder Team having equal input on the vision, life and ministry of CalTab. I will have little to do with the day to day running of CalTab as Dylan and the Staff will be taking care of that.

I will also be very involved with and leading small groups, particularly focused on leadership development and developing men in Christ.

I am looking forward to once again exercising my pastoral gifting and becoming more deeply involved in caring for people in CalTab. In some ways, my pastoral role at home is more important and exciting for me – I’m looking forward to shepherding people again.

I will be doing in Schenectady what I do when I travel, which is investing my time and energy in emerging leaders, so am looking forward to investing myself in a similar way in our community, primarily through our Community Center.

I will also be very involved in giving input to GO! Missions alongside Roger Hoerl, one of our Elders.

What will you do with the Global ministry?

This journey is new for all of us, so initially I will need to take time to pray and fast and seek the Father for exactly what His plans for us entail. I will be looking to be a resource to all of the existing Diamonds by serving them in prayer, ministry input and personal development. As so much of this ministry requires my presence, I will need to be with them, their families and their churches in order to teach, train and assist them, so by necessity I will need to travel more than I have in years past.

Why do this now?

Quite simply because it’s the right time. I am ready, the leadership is ready and CalTab is ready. I have to be obedient to God’s call on my life and we as a church must be obedient to His call for us – it is our only option. We are at a crucial point in our church’s history where CalTab now requires a different kind of leadership to what I have been giving. It has always been my dream and goal to at the right time hand over the leadership of CalTab to the New Generation and we now have several key leaders in crucial ministries, from youth to worship, who are younger in age but mature in the Spirit. I firmly believe with all my heart that CalTab’s most fruitful years are now about to unfold.

Let me state for the record that as CalTab celebrates 90 years of our Father’s perfect faithfulness, we are on the verge of entering a season of His favor and of our fruitfulness we have not yet imagined. As each one of us in this church takes up our individual responsibility and then obediently works in unity with the whole Body to fulfill our His vision, we will indeed be a powerful Kingdom Resource Redeeming Destinies and bringing glory to our Lord as we witness ourselves, our community and the world being transformed into His image.

As we read in Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes.”

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