Fear God?

Many have misconceptions of what in fact it means to Fear God. Ecclesiastes is another great book that touches on wisdom and purpose for believers. This book is very practical, it clearly puts a lot of question you may have about life to rest. We serve a mighty God who deserves all the glory and honor always. Did Christ not sacrifice his life for many?

Ecclessiastes 3:14, “And I know that whatever God does is final. Nothing can be added to it or taken from it. God’s purpose is that people should fear him.”

The fear of God is not terror or dread. Rather it is to be in awe of, have respect for and having reverence towards God.

As fallen people we needed a redeemer. God has provided us with that and more. Blessings upon blessing, grace upon grace. You get to a point of understanding the many things God does for you, where you can’t help but to Fear Him. Take your understanding of Gods work and multiply that by a couple million. Even that would be just a fraction of of his glory.

Why should we be in awe of God?