Sharing your faith @ school!

Meet John. He’s a high school junior who attends youth group every week despite having a busy schedule at work. Honestly, he’s not really sure why he continues to go to youth group except maybe because, as someone who’s grown up in church his whole life, he’d feel guilty if he doesn’t attend. That and maybe the fact that everyone at church just expects him to be there. It’s easier to show up than to create any conflict by staying home. Plus, youth group isn’t that bad. It’s just kinda blah, that’s all. So he goes and talks with his friends, but doesn’t engage on a spiritual level.

John’s pretty spiritually apathetic and his lifestyle shows it. In fact, most of the friends that he hangs out with outside of church are not Christians and, unfortunately, he fits in with them a bit too well.

After a lot of pressure and evangelism training from his youth pastor, he finally gave in and decided to bring God up in a conversation with his unsaved friends. He tried it… once. Never again. It was so akward. His friends looked at him like a deer in headlights. The fact that God was in their conversation felt like mixing oil and water. In the end, John hoped his friends would forget he ever brought it up so they would go back to being normal again.

Meet Sarah. She also is a high school junior who attends the same youth group every week, but does so because she enjoys journaling about what the Lord is teaching her there. She looks forward to hearing what God is doing in other people’s lives and reflects on the youth pastor’s words throughout the week. She, too, hangs out primarily with unsaved friends outside of church. As someone who follows the Lord with her lifestyle, she doesn’t fit in that well, but her friends still accept her and her “quirks.”

Sarah went through the same evangelism training as John and also took the youth pastor’s challenge to bring God up in a conversation with her unsaved friends that week. Her friends knew she was a Christian, but they’ve never explicitly talked about it before. Their conversation, too, was akward, but her friends didn’t give her the “deer in the headlights” look. They heard her and weren’t totally suprirsed by the subject matter coming up. God might even come up in their conversations again and Sarah might be willing to even initiate it again.

Which one is you?

The best way to share Jesus with your friends is to live a lifestyle that reflects Jesus first.  How does your lifestyle (the way you talk, act, the decisions you make etc.) reflect a life committed to Jesus.  People won’t take you seriously unless they can SEE that what you’re saying is evident in your life…

Be bold.  Be courageous.  You have the BEST NEWS, you have THE CURE, you have the HOLY SPIRIT!  Nothing can stand in your way.