A poem by: Michael Hines

Here is the spoken word Michael shared on Saturday night, March 3rd:

“Tell me why some Christians always stay in the same place?  It’s like they’re comfortable where they’re at.  Comfortable with their mistakes.
Their god is their phone, Facbook, or their own problems.  Can’t share their faith with others cuz their girlfriend or boyfriend just told them that they love them.
“Forget you God, I’ll do that later!  Why do you keep coming at me, to my own needs I’ll cater!”
Whoa! We are to stand bold in the truth!  Living for His fame!  Bold in our faith!  Always growing, never the same!
I refuse to live the other way, constantly doing nothing, being a “non-verb” Christian.  No actions, nothing but talking!
Realize that these dudes without Christ are zombies of sin, dead men walking!  Be a rebel against this “me first” culture we’re living in.
Refuse to lose sight of Christ’s purpose.  Preach life to those living in sin.”

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