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Haiti Missions Trip

Recently Michael and Annette Digesare returned again to Haiti continue to strengthen and deepen our friendship with Pastor Henri and his wonderful church family. Below is Michael’s report on their trip – enjoy!

While on this trip we were able once again to oversee the bi-monthly medical clinic that Calvary currently supports financially through funds committed through Calvary Missions for 2012. The Doctor and Nurse attended to the needs of 65 children, and this past week attended to the needs of the adults. It was good to see the same Doctor and Nurse are there since we first began the medical clinic.

Following the clinic we were able to spend a few hours with Pastor Henri and some of his leadership team. At this time we were able to present to them 40 of the children’s “The Jesus Storybook Bible” in French, that we were able to acquire by ordering directly from France. We have another 40 to bring the next time and will attempt to order more to hand out to other children we come in contact with while in Haiti. Also while there we were able to bless another church and an orphanage with more of these same Bibles.

They are very open to us coming and leading discipleship classes, children’s ministry with them.

As many of the adults in the congregation now have Bibles in French that they use regularly, there is still a need for additional Bibles in French. The church has grown in number since we were there in October, and we need to get the Word in the hands of these additional adults.

Pastor Henri asked for special prayer for him and 50 of his congregation that will be going on a mission’s trip to a “bush” area of Haiti on February 22nd. It is a 3-hour drive and then a couple of hours walk into where they will minister for a week. God did great things through them last time they went there.

Pastor Henri always asks about our church and how we are doing, how we are growing.  He is always interested in knowing more about what we do in our community. He and his wife were very happy to receive a letter from Pastor Lorenzo and Delray, as well as pictures of them and their family.

On Sunday we attended church, and Pastor Henri asked us to greet and share with the church.  The worship as always was outstanding and simple instruments accompanied the congregation of approximately 300 adults, and 80-90 children. Following worship Pastor Henri’s wife asked Annette and I to come to the children’s area and share with the children a Bible story, (she wanted Annette to preach!).

After leaving church, we stopped off at an orphanage that houses 27 children ranging in age from one year old to 13-14 years old, both boys and girls, in some of the worse conditions we have seen.  The children had not eaten any food in a few days, the day previous Ted Barlow, one of the men from World Orphans dropped off a 25 pound bag of rice which he thought should sustain them for a few days.  We were able to pray for one of the girls who had been sick in bed with a fever for a few days.  We left Ted with additional money to purchase more food for the children to which he was very grateful.

There are so many opportunities to serve the Lord in this country, just as in our own home community.  We just need to be ready and willing, and the Lord will make us able!