AKE Tomorrow! John 1:1-18

After browsing through some of your questions in the “To be honest” survey I felt led to John 1:1-18.  This is an awesome passage of scripture and will be our focus for AKE tomorrow night.   I’m believing that God will give us insight into the answers to these 5 questions:

  1. If God had no beginning and now end, what did He do before?
  2. How do I hear from God?
  3. What is our purpose here on earth?
  4. Why do we read the bible?
  5. Why should we tell other people about Jesus?

Come expectant to learn and be given knowledge and wisdom into the mystery of God’s will.  The goal is not to know about God, or to know of God, but to KNOW God intimately and personally.  In preparation take a read through the passage and see if you can answer the questions above by yourself.

See you tomorrow evening @ 6pm (or 5:30pm for prayer)!