Celebrating 2011

Greetings CalTab Family!
Here we are in 2012 looking forward to our most fruitful year yet in service for our Lord Jesus. As we begin this new chapter of our God given history, let’s reflect on the yer past.

In many ways, 2011 turned out to be an important year for us all. The Corridor really took shape, powerfully expressed through the Beautiful Weeekend with Keane School. The Haven has matured and grown in strength and depth. AKE Youth ministries came to whole new place and the buzz among our teens is palpable in all they do. FutureNow Kids ministries is growing and growing, to the point that this year we need to employ a full time Children’s Ministries Director. Praise His name! Our Missions work locally and around the world continues to deepen and grow. The Globsl Family is a real, functioning expression of God’s Kingdom, and I have the privilege of leading this unique family of leaders from around the globe.

Most importantly though, 2011 was significant because we responded to our Father’s call to grow up into Christ. Our key word for the year was “Discipleship” and we worked very, very hard at putting ministry structures into place that would indeed enable us to grow and to grow up into Jesus.

Personally, the greatest blessing of all is our people, particularly those who faithfully serve us in various ministry expressions. All of our volunteers are a blessing to God and his people and I cannot adequately express in words how much we as a leadership appreciate and love you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your service to our King!

Psalm 15:5,6 is our prayer for this year. These verses clearly express what He has already done for us – this year, let us serve Jeus in such a way that these Scriptures become reality for us all.

With much, much love and repect,
Pastor Lorenzo