Deep Dive – Day 2

Day 2

 Daily Reading: Genesis 2:4-25


Additional Content

What were you created for? What were you specifically designed to do? Each person has special gifts and talents and was created for a unique purpose, but there is also a general answer to these questions that fits everyone. Do you want to know what it is?


Well, it’s NOT texting. So many teens love to text. Ever wonder why? Texting makes us feel connected to others. Posting on Facebook and Twitter has a lot of appeal too, because it’s all about social relationships. But sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the drama and log off feeling emptier than when we started. While texting, Facebook, and Twitter are fun options to digitally connect, it’s important that we invest in relationships in other ways, too.


What about those who live for getting awards? From academics, to sports, to who’s who – all those are great, but they’re just not what we were all created for.


Some live life like it’s all about making money. Having money is not a bad thing. But even if we plan to give it all away, its still not what we were created for.


The one thing we ARE all created for is relationship. We were all created with a huge need for a relationship with God, and for relationships with other people. The word “relationship” means “connection.” Can you think of some specific times when you’ve felt this strong need to connect with others? This is one reason why God created the Church – to build strong relationships with others who know him and to worship him together. If you don’t already have a church, try to find a local church you can plug into this Sunday. You need them and they need you.