Would you be found guilty?

I stumbled upon this article the other day written about a quarter-back in the NFL, named Tim Tebow (most of you would be familiar in the name) and was really challenged and encouraged by it.  Read it for yourself.

Since I arrived in the US nearly 3 years ago i’ve been fascinated by this guys journey, and more specifically His walk with the Lord.  He has never backed down from His faith in God and His love for Jesus.  Ya know…it’s one thing to say that you “believe in God” (even the Devil believes in God), it’s a whole different thing to profess your love and passion for Jesus on National Television. Tim Tebow has spoken openly about his relationship with God to millions of people worldwide.  Let’s just say that, if Tim Tebow was accused of being a Christ follower there would be more than enough evidence to find him GUILTY!

I was led to the thought which I was challenged with in high school, and I’d like to ask you the same question.  If you were placed on trial for being a Christ follower, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  It’s a simple principle: I may say i’m a fantastic soccer player but you’d have to ask my team to find out the truth.  I may say i’m a great husband, but you’ll have to ask my wife if she agrees.  I may say i’m a kind person but you’d have to ask that question to specific people whom i’ve shown kindness to.  In our walks with God, we need to evaluate ourselves in the same way.

Read Luke 6:43-45 and John 15:1-6 and ask yourself.  Are you producing enough ‘fruit’ to convict you of being a Christian?