Pastor Lorenzo in Brazil

Hello everyone :)

We just completed a powerful week of ministry here in Florianopolis, Brazil, where we partner with a dynamic, modern, Spirit filled church led by Paolo and Vlema Azevedo. This is the church where Delray spoke at their women’s conference. Also, they are a key member of the Global Famiily. Their strength is small Group Ministry and I a learning so much form them that we can implement next year when we launch LifeGroups. Thank you all so much for your prayers – we had a truly defining weekend, praise HIm!

The first picture is of me after the Sunday service with Pastor Paolo Azevedo, the wonderful leader of this special Community of Beleievers and a national figure in the Brazilian Church world.

Below that is a snapshot form the Saturday evening Youth service with around 200 singing, dancing, worshipping Christ followers – amazing experience.