Prayer: [Provision]

Give us this day our daily bread.” – Matthew 6:11

As you can see it is perfectly acceptable to ask for certain physical needs you have.  The Bible is full of promises from God to provide for all our needs (including physical needs – Matthew 6:31-33).  It’s no hassle for God to do this for you.  In fact, in Matthew 7:11 Jesus tells his followers that indeed God loves giving good gifts to His children (you + me.)

Here are some important reminders about God’s provision that we must remember when we pray:  

  • We must choose to receive His provision.  God will never force His will upon us.  So when we pray, our role is to simply accept the blessing that God already has for us.  (And, I think part of the joy for God is watching how pleased we are when we ask and the receive).
  • God knows what you need, better than you do.  He will sometimes give you what you need even if you don’t ask for it – just like a good father would do.  When you don’t get what you think you need, remember that something better is on it’s way.
  • It requires FAITH (“seek the Kingdom of God above all else”- Matthew 6:33).  The promise is that you’ll have enough for today.  God wants us to live a life where we are reliant on Him for his provision everyday (for all our needs).  As it says in Matthew 6:34, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.”  We mustn’t set our focus on our material needs but on God, and His purposes.  Remember, if God calls you He’ll equip you, and will provide for all your needs.
  • Don’t expect to receive if you’re not a giver (Luke 6:38).  God was the ultimate giver (John 3:16) and so we in turn need to adopt the same attitude.  Someone once told me, “God won’t give it to you, if He can’t get it through you.

On a personal note, myself and Jess have already had enough.  We don’t live a wealthy lifestyle, but God has already provided for each of our needs (and more!).  We’re able to travel back to SA to see my family every year, and live a comfortable lifestyle.  We’ve realized that God gives us what we need in different seasons of our life.  And, even when we disagree – God is always right!

Pray and receive God’s provision for your life today!