Prayer: [Praise]

I’d like to thank Jason Cooper from Word & Life Ministries (Jason’s website) for teaching me so much about prayer.  His 5 P’s of prayer have helped me hugely in communicating with our awesome God!

Prayer is often times a difficult/confusing process, but I think this is largely because we forget (or misunderstand) who we are praying to.  Much has been said about prayer and this is by no means the only way to pray, but this is a method that has helped me. It is based out of a passage known widely as, The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).

This week I’d like to start with the 1st P of prayer…PRAISE (Psalm 100:4, Matthew 6:9).

In order to praise God we must realize the things about God that are worth praising.  We must come to an accurate realization of who God is before we can talk to Him.  Check out this quote from Mark Buchanan, “Neither the safe God, nor the tyrant God are the real God.  The God who truly is, who seeks you and me, who desires our holiness, is far more loving and comforting than the safe god.  And the true God is far more fierce and fearsome than the bullying and petulant god of our imaginations.”

To gain a greater understanding of who God is take a look at these passages.  We’re praying to our Father who:

…already knows what we need (Matthew 6:8)

…knows what will happen in the future (Jeremiah 29:11)

…is totally in control (Matthew 10:29)

…is all powerful (Jeremiah 32:17)

…is unlimited in knowledge (Job 42:2).

[Extra reading: If you’re still unsure of God’s power and greatness then read Job 38 – 41.  These chapters give a powerful depiction of who God is.]

So let’s just say there are times when I don’t quite know how to pray and what to pray for but when I realize how awesome, mighty, and powerful God is I am moved to complete praise – and, just as we see in Matthew 6:9, this is best place to start.

Today, as you reflect on these passages of Scripture my prayer is that you realize the great expanse of God.  Take a moment now to just praise God for who He is. 

To Him be all the glory and power, Amen