Pray to change…

Prayer is something i’ve been wrestling with recently.  Why do we pray?  Is it to change God’s mind, to make Him do something He wasn’t planning on doing (against His will) – No, we would all agree that isn’t truth.  So if everything that happens on earth is within his will and already planned out (from the beginning of time) then why do we pray?

I’ve come recently to realize that we pray not so much because of the effect it has on God (He doesn’t need our prayers) just like He doesn’t need to read the Bible.  Prayer, like the Bible, is for us.  It’s for our benefit.  It brings our heart and mind in line with God’s heart and sovereign will to a place where “His will can be done on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

May our prayers this week align our hearts with His Sovereign will and character.  Pray, not to change His mind, but to change yours.

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